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Signs You Can Trust the Food You’re Eating

When you first enter a restaurant, if the floors are sticky and the tables a disaster, your appetite suddenly disappears. It is easy to know the quality of food you will get based on the conditions of the restaurant. Your standards for cleanliness should not be lowered when eating from a food truck. Look for the following signs that will indicate you can trust the food you’re eating:

Well Maintained Exterior

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but in this case, you want your food to have a good cover page. Look for a vehicle that has been well-maintained. The exterior should be clean and void of dirt or other materials that make you question the cleanliness of the inside.

Easily visible should also be the owner’s certification documents like permits, licenses, and health inspection sticker. The placement of these notifications will tell you if their licensing is up to date and if you can trust their business. If you cannot see these certificates or they are unwilling to show you them, there is a high likelihood they are not licensed to operate.

Clean Kitchen Appliances

The interior should appear just as, if not cleaner than the exterior of the vehicle. An advantage of food trucks is that you can see directly into the space where your food is being prepared. If equipment is covered in grime and working conditions do not look clean, you may not want to risk your food’s sanitation. A clean kitchen will indicate the owner’s fastidiousness about following procedure and preparing your food properly.

Trustworthy POS System

Unfortunately, there are some payment systems that cannot be trusted. They will either add additional charges to your card or leak your personal information. When purchasing from a food truck it is important to check out their point of sale (POS) system. Systems like Square are owned by a separate, more secure, company that you can trust. If a truck’s POS system is unfamiliar to you, consider paying with cash to limit the chance of stolen information.

Food trucks offer a unique dining experience. They offer the small business experience with specialty foods. Feel confident eating their food when the exterior is well maintained, kitchen appliances are clean, and they have implemented a trustworthy POS system.

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