Social Media Channels You Need to Be Using for Your Food Truck

social media channels you need to be using for your food truck

Social Media Channels You Need to Be Using for Your Food Truck

Social media has evolved from a fun way to connect with people to an information hub and business necessity. If your business doesn’t have a social media presence, for all intents and purposes, it can almost feel like your business doesn’t even exist. The biggest challenge these days is figuring out what social media you need to be using.


Facebook is the staple social media that not everyone uses but everyone references. A lot of people keep Facebook just to keep up with businesses, friends, and relatives. Facebook is a treasure trove for your business though. You can add your contact info, a menu, update your location, keep people up to date with any new developments, and run ads to help new people learn about your business. It’s especially important to have Facebook if you don’t have a website. (But you should have a website! We can build you one cheap.


Instagram is a great place to share pictures and videos, and it’s the social media of choice for millennials, which make up a large portion of people who are regularly visiting food trucks. You can use your Instagram Stories to keep people up to date with your location. Use Reels to give an inside look at your business, and use photos to showcase your menu items and happy customers. Because Instagram is so heavily image-focused, you should use it to cultivate the look and feel of your brand. You can also use the Instagram Live feature to talk with your followers and save your Stories as highlights that can be easily referenced.


TikTok has blown up in the last few years, and it’s the perfect way to attract a new audience with minimal investment. TikTok thrives on relatable, consistent content, so make sure you develop a persona and you don’t stay too professional and stiff. You’ll want to keep track of popular audio and trends, because using these can help you show up on more For You pages. Similar to Instagram Reels, you can use TikTok to give an inside look at your business, advertise new specials, and generally spread the word about what makes your business unique. If you want to, you can even repurpose your TikTok videos as Instagram Reels, which allows you to get more return on your marketing efforts.

Social media is one of the best ways to get new eyes on your business while keeping returning customers engaged and informed. It isn’t enough to just make good food, you need to focus on getting your name out there and selling your products.

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