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Food Trucks Now vs. Then

Food Trucks Now vs. Then yourpanadas food truck now vs then

Gourmet food truck vs. old-school “lunch” truck Modern food trucks and old school “lunch” trucks have more differences than similarities. Gone are the silver pickups with microwaves and prepackaged meals. Hello gourmet food trucks that get you fresh food prepared specially for you when you order. They both serve food and they’re both mobile. That’s […]

Food Trucks vs. Restaurants

Food Trucks vs. Restaurants hamburger in window of food truck to go

Food trucks vs Restaurants Food trucks vs. Restaurants: What’s The Difference? Well, simply put, they both serve food and have chef-inspired menus. Think of food trucks as mobile restaurants, or restaurants on wheels. (Often, the only difference is the plate and the price tag.) The menu size, menu planning, ingredients, and owners are where you […]