The Food Blogger’s Next Three Post Topics – Done!

The Food Bloggers Next Three Post Topics

The Food Blogger's Next Three Post Topics - Done!

All bloggers experience a bit of writer’s block from time to time. When you feel like you’ve already written everything that can possibly be written on a subject, it can be hard to come up with new ideas. Well, today’s your lucky day as a food blogger! Here are your next three post topics.

Write About a Recent Stellar Food Experience

Writing about a recent dining experience is a win-win. First, you get to enjoy a delicious meal out on the town. Second, because meal reviews are purely opinion-based, you won’t get a bunch of snarky comments from annoying readers who feel the need to be your personal fact-checker. Tell the world how amazing the food was, add a quality photo of your meal, and you’re done!

Create a Copycat Recipe and Share

If you‘re a food blogger who also cooks, take up the challenge to create a copycat recipe of a favorite chef-inspired food to share with your readers. You might have to channel your inner Bobby Flay and mad scientist for this one, but you also get to play with your food! Creating a good copycat recipe starts with a discerning palate. It’s fairly easy for an experienced cook to nail down the main ingredients, but for the best copycat recipes, you’ve got to really get to the heart of the dish and figure out exactly what herbs and spices were used. This becomes easier with practice, so get practicing!

Cookbook Review!

Book reviews. You wrote them like crazy in grade school so you should already know how it’s done. New cookbooks are coming out all the time, but it can be hard to know which ones are worth the money. Your followers will appreciate getting your guidance on which cookbooks are worth buying. In your review be sure to take note of the quality of recipes as well as the level of difficulty.

There you have it: your next three foodie blog topics. The best thing about these topics is that they can be changed up and repeated whenever you find yourself stuck in a rut. When it comes to writing about recent experiences eating out, creating copycat recipes, and reviewing cookbooks, there are endless possibilities.

As a food blogger, you have more power than most people to make or break an eatery. When you find an eating establishment that you absolutely love, be sure to share it with your readers. Click here to learn even more ways to show appreciation to your favorite food joints!

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