the right way to eat messy foods

The "Right" Way to Eat Messy Foods

When it comes to delicious street foods, there’s nothing wrong with a little finger-lickin’ and sauce drippin’. The beauty of street food is that you can eat it however the heck you want! While this is true, you might be interested in learning the “right” way to eat some of the messiest, ooziest, dribbliest foods that everyone loves.

BBQ Ribs

If you’re in your comfort zone, feel free to eat your ribs with reckless abandon! However, you might want to change up your technique if you’re on a first date. Start with a massive pile of napkins. Use your fork and knife to separate each rib one at a time. Holding the rib at the ends with your thumbs, index, and middle fingers, pull the meat off the bone with your teeth in small chunks, starting on the left and moving toward the right as you go (left-handers should start on the right). Clean your mouth and hands between each rib, and use a wet wipe when you’re done. And no sauce-flinging!

Corn on the Cob

Corn on the Cob is a summer favorite. Especially the food truck kind that is slathered in creamy mayo, cotija cheese, and spicy chili powder. While Mexican corn on the cob is basically irresistible, it’s pretty hard to eat without covering your face in it. If you’re a crazy person, go ahead and eat the corn in a circular pattern. For you normal folk, hold the corn at the ends and eat from left to right. Once you finish a row, give it a spin and start again. Think old-fashioned type-writer!

Cotton Candy

Every parent has done it. You just handed your kid a big ball of cotton candy without even considering the fact that they will be covered from head to toe in sticky pink sugar by the end of it. And you didn’t even pack the wipes! Next time, you might remember to teach your kids to use their thumb and forefinger to pull small bits of this wispy flossed sugar apart, rather than tearing out big handfuls. This way, just two fingers are covered in sticky pink sugar. Those are the two you can lick clean at the end!

You can avoid a great deal of embarrassment by learning to eat messy foods the “right” way. And yet, getting messy is half the fun, so don’t let us stop you! At the very least, you’ll know what to do next time someone special serves up one of these yummy, messy foods.

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