Three Reasons You Need to Celebrate International Waffle Day

three reasons you need to celebrate international waffle day

Three Reasons You Need to Celebrate International Waffle Day

If breakfast is one of your favorite meals, then March has the perfect holiday for you. March 25th is International Waffle Day, and this should be a large part of your food holidays to add to your celebration checklist. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate your love of waffles, but here are a few that stand out to us.

Breakfast and Brunch

Many food celebrations center around dinner or dessert, but International Waffle Day allows you to celebrate one of the best breakfast and brunch foods, which means you can start your celebration earlier in the day. Whether you decide to make the waffles yourself or go out to eat, you can be sure that it will be the center of your day. There are plenty of places that serve a wide variety of waffles, so you can be sure to get multiple types to sample. You can also celebrate with brunch later in the day with friends. Waffles are one of the great social foods that everyone enjoys.


One of the reasons that waffles are so popular is that they’re incredibly versatile. You could stick with the traditional syrup topping in different flavors, or you can branch out in a variety of directions. You can add fruit, whipped topping, chocolate chips, and other similar toppings to make them more flavorful, either on top or mixed in the batter. Over the last few years, less traditional pairings, such as chicken and waffles have also become incredibly popular. The versatility of waffles allows them to fit the tastes of a large variety of people easily, which means that everyone can find something that they like with waffles. If you need to be on the move, you can even use waffles to make a fun sandwich to take with you.

Simple But Fun

Waffles are simple food that’s easy to make, which is part of what makes it so much fun. It’s an easy recipe, and waffle irons are fun to use, which means you won’t have to expend a lot of effort to make them. Once made, you can have quite a bit of fun decorating them as well. Many people find a lot of pleasure in filling in the little squares with their toppings. You can even use them to play a game with your friends if you want.

Waffles are one of the best foods out there and definitely deserve to be celebrated, so take some time to plan your celebration for March 25th. You may even be able to find a new food truck to visit that serves waffles!

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