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Tips for Designing Your Food Truck Menu

When it comes to food trucks, you want to stand out. Your branding and design is the first thing to attract customers. Well, that and the amazing smells wafting from your truck! You know you have the best food around, so showcase it with a well-designed menu. The best menus are fun, bold, and themed.

Make It Fun!

People love clever, fun food truck designs. Your menu board should be no different. Whether you paint your menu right on the side of your truck or choose a changeable menu board, you can make it fun. Food trucks have greater flexibility when it comes to their displays, so go crazy! Just a few ideas: Use colorful chalk markers to write your menu on a large chalk board. Make a fun printout of each menu item and hang them onto clip boards. Paint your menu onto wooden slats. Some enterprising food truck owners have even used chalkboard paint to paint surf boards or snowboards and turn that into their menu board. Get creative and make your menu fun!

Make It Bold!

Your menu board should stand out, even from a distance. Often, people want to peruse their options before settling on any one food truck, meaning the more your menu stands out, the more likely people are to end up choosing you. Bold menu boards are concise, with large, clear text. Your font should be easily readable, even from far away. While you don’t want your menu board to be too busy, you do want to fill the space. You might want to add a graphic or photograph of your food if it is looking a bit bare.

Fit the Design to Your Theme

Whatever the theme of your truck is, your menu board should match it. Your font, colors, graphics, and even the names of your foods should all play into your theme. For example, if you own a taco truck, your colors will likely be much brighter and more contrasting than someone who owns a bougie coffee truck. At the same time, the taco truck will maybe use a blockier font than the coffee truck. The more cohesive your food truck is, the more it will attract customers.

Believe it or not, a well-designed menu can increase sales. You want it to be fun, bold, and themed. At the same time, you don’t want it to be overly complicated or confusing. Your food truck is all about the food, so make sure your menu will really sell it.

If you need more ideas on how to make your food truck stand out, click here. As amazing as your food is, people will never find that out unless there is something to draw them in. That’s what food truck design is all about.  

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