Tips for Using a Food Truck at Your Next Corporate Event

food truck at corporate event

Tips for Using a Food Truck at Your Next Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event is a big job, and it can be quite intimidating. You have a boss, clients, and coworkers to impress, and you want everything to go well. The first step to planning a successful corporate event is to let professionals do the bulk of the work for you. Many corporate event planners are turning to food trucks for their catering needs. This is because food trucks offer fun, affordable, delicious food. Here are three tips to pulling off a successful event with a food truck.

Customize the Menu

If given enough time, many food trucks are flexible with their menu offerings. Whether you want finger foods, sandwiches, or a three-course meal, food trucks can work with you on the fare. You might have something specific in mind, or you might be utterly clueless and prefer to get recommendations from the chef. Either way, the food should be suitable for the style of the occasion. For formal events, choose something that is classy and not messy. For fun occasions, let your food truck chef go wild with whatever they do best!

Get an Accurate Head Count

The worst thing that can happen at any event is to run out of food. That’s why it is imperative that you get an accurate head count. Food trucks tend to source their foods from the freshest and best providers, and they will need sufficient time for ordering and preliminary prep work. The best way to get a head count for team events is to have a reliable RSVP system. If that isn’t possible, you can assume that 100% of the staff will be at the event if it is during work hours. If it is after work hours, that number will be closer to 60 or 70%.

Choose Your Spot Wisely

You should choose the spot for the food truck to park before they arrive and start setting up. Consider the needs of the food truck, such as water or electrical connections, as well as the needs of your guests. If the event will be indoors, have the truck park right by the best entrance. If outdoors, have the truck park where there will be plenty of room to sit and mingle.

Food trucks are one way to simplify your corporate event planning. The food is the most important detail, and with a food truck, you can be sure that the food will be amazing. Just don’t forget to choose the spot wisely, get an accurate head count, and select appropriate food for your event.

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