food truck for draft party

Can I have a food truck at my Tournament or Draft party?


Food trucks can come to almost any location for your basketball bracket party.

Do I have to prep before a food truck arrives? No.

A food truck will come to your party location – they bring the food, supplies and clean up.   

Then you will skip the crowds, and watch the game and HEAR the game.  That’s a 3-point shot right there!

You and your friends will have courtside seats in the comfort of your own place with a killer food experience and no clean up.

What about party locations?

Whether it’s a college tournament, draft party, youth or high school basketball, or your recreation league, hosting a “watch” party is the way to go.

Food trucks can cater a party at your house, at a friend’s house, or even at the office. They’ll come to a local park and many other locations to create a unique experience for you and your foodie friends, so you can eat and watch the game.

And hosting it at a unique venue is an even better experience. That’s where using a food truck to cater your event is the best option because it is easy and we come to you. 

That means the locations are endless for you and your friends to watch bracket and have fun.

food truck at park
food truck at event
food truck at gathering
food truck crowd

When's the best time to host a "watch" party?

Anytime!  And when you host your own party, you can do it every weekend.

Or every time your favorite team plays.

Or every time your picks are playing from your pool at the office or your fantasy league.

Or the first games, the playoffs or the finals.

Hosting your own watch party with gourmet food for your basketball loving friends, alumni, fans or college sports fans is easy when you have a Food Truck on speed dial.

Tip off the basketball tournament with a unique spin – have the food come to you! 

To discover how to schedule a food truck to cater your “March Madness” basketball party,  here’s another blog post or click the button below the video.

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