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Unique Gift Ideas Anyone Would Enjoy

The holidays are a busy time for everyone. Keeping track of gifts for neighbors, friends, family and loved ones can get overwhelming. Surprise your friends with these unique gift ideas that anyone would enjoy.

Foodtruck Gift Card

Gift cards are one of the easiest gifts you can give during the holidays. Gift cards are easy to purchase and still add a personal touch to those receiving it. You don’t have to worry about choosing the perfect gift or wrapping it just so. Purchasing gift cards from a local food truck adds a unique twist on the convenience of giving gift cards. A gift card to a food truck not only gives the recipient a free meal, but it also gives them an experience. Food truck gift cards are also personable because you can either cater to what the recipient enjoys, or you can share a piece of what you like.

Favorite Foodtruck Seasonings

Do you or someone you know have a favorite food truck? What makes it a favorite? Is it the special seasoning they use on their chicken or steak? What about Mexican food trucks and the flavor you get on their tacos?

Your favorite food truck may offer their special seasonings for purchase around the holiday season. Many trucks offer seasonal deals. Let’s be honest, your in-laws might enjoy receiving the special flavors, but you can certainly benefit from building your spice cabinet, too. Make your next cookout taste just like your favorite food truck’s specialty dish by purchasing their “secret sauce” or seasonings.

Foodtruck Packaged Goods

Many food trucks don’t just specialize in the warm products they immediately serve you. Owners often have packaged goods that are for sale. This may include a special jam they use on their menu items or bags of flavored popcorn. These packaged goods will make an excellent treat to put in someone’s stocking, or you can buy in bulk and gift to neighbors and coworkers. Gifting an item unique from a food truck will add yummy variety for any recipient.

Food trucks often have their slowest time of year during the winter. When you purchase gifts for others through them, you are also giving back. Support a local business by purchasing gift cards, favorite seasonings, and packaged goods from food trucks to gift this holiday season.

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