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Value of a Marketplace App Vs. Building Your Own

The development of technology has made it so everyone can use and create their own programs. This is a significant advantage for many individuals. However, with your own app it can also be hard to distinguish yourself from the competition. Using a marketplace app for your business decreases your need to program and compete. A marketplace app, like Where’s The Foodtruck, can help increase your exposure, flexibility, and accessibility with your target audience.


The function of a marketplace app brings multiple businesses together to be accessed on a single app. Customers see a plethora of products and vendors they can experience. Your business receives an increased number of views, exposure, and consequential profitability. Where’s The Foodtruck uses information you upload to describe your business and menu options. With push notifications and other marketing techniques, nearby users can more easily discover your business if they don’t know you yet, find your business for repeat sales, and share your business as referrals. With this added exposure, promoting your business through engagement in the marketplace, your business is guaranteed to attract more new and repeat customers.


The owner of a food truck has countless items to keep track of. Food preparation, truck maintenance, sales, events, and marketing are just a few items the owner juggles. Building your own app also takes time, money, regular maintenance, updates, and marketing. Using a marketplace app reduces technological responsibilities and lets you focus on your business. No need to worry about programing bugs and teaching users how to navigate your system. You should be investing in your core business of food, not an app. Where’s The Foodtruck lets you create a profile and sell your product without any hassle. Letting you focus on running your business.


Never underestimate the laziness of an individual. Rather than having multiple apps on their phone to locate a truck, a user would much rather have one app that holds all the answers. Multi-vendor applications are available around the clock to support the customer and the business. Where’s The Foodtruck allows an individual to search, order, and pay from one convenient location. Payments and data are kept secure for the customer and business owner. As a truck owner, you have a reliable digital platform that can reach a larger target audience.

Designing and developing an app for your business takes time and money. The upkeep is also expensive. Increase your exposure, flexibility, and accessibility by using a marketplace app like Where’s The Foodtruck to market your business. Let us focus on the software so you can focus on the food.

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