Want a food truck to cater your wedding?

food truck catering at your wedding celebration rehearsal party

Want a food truck to cater your wedding?

food truck at wedding is unique

This is a common request we get and more and more couples are taking the leap.

Food trucks are more flexible, they cook right on sight, and they provide a unique and fun experience for you and your guests.

If you are a foodie or not, a food truck creates a unique and vibrant experience, for you and your wedding guests.

The food comes to you and your location, so you can have you pick of any location.

It is easy to book and use the service. Food trucks show up, serve food, then leave. No clean up on your part.

You and your guests will enjoy the experience even if you are a foodie or not. And you will create a memorable experience for you and your guests.

wedding day considerations include food trucks

Yes, food truck catering can do custom and special items for your special day.

They have flexibility and can also accommodate special diets.

And you can have multiple food trucks with multiple cuisines, talk about customization!

You and your guests enjoy a unique dining option, an entire experience.

We ease the burden and the hassle so that you can enjoy yourself.

It’s so easy.

That’s why so many people are using food trucks to cater their wedding and wedding related activities, such as:

  • Engagement party
  • Bridal shower
  • Bachelorette party
  • Bachelor party
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Wedding
  • Gift opening the day after