Ways to Attract More Millennials to Your Food Truck

millenials at a food truck

Ways to Attract Millennials to Your Food Truck

If you can get inside the head of the typical millennial and really understand what they want, then you’re well on your way to attracting a substantial amount of people to your food truck. Of course, people are nuanced, and it’s difficult to say what “typical” is, but studies show that millennials in general do see life differently than the generations before them. One reason that millennials are particularly open to eating at a food truck is that they value experiences more than things. Part of the draw of a food truck is the fact that it’s more than just amazing food. It’s an experience. In addition to enjoying unique experiences, these passionate people care deeply about sustainability and making a difference.

Offer Sustainable Food

Offering and advertising sustainable food is a big selling point for millennials. There are many ways to make your food more sustainable. One highly impactful way is to buy from local sources. Check out your local farmer’s market for produce and other whole foods. You might discover a new sustainable source option that could also save you money. Furthermore, this will help you to base your menu around seasonal ingredients, which are both sustainable and delicious! Finally, know your sources, especially for seafood. Make sure that your seafood is sustainable and ethical. One way is to check for certifications, such as with the Marine Stewardship Council.

Be More Eco-Friendly

Millennials are passionate about caring for the earth. They want to know that they are supporting eco-friendly businesses. Some ideas for being more eco-friendly include using more sustainable fuels, reducing single-use plastics, adding vegetarian dishes to your menu, learning zero-waste cooking methods, and making more foods from scratch. If you are really serious about sustainability, you might consider investing in solar panels for your food truck. Solar panels can be pricey up front, but they require little maintenance, last many years, and will more than pay for themselves in a short time.

Support a Cause

Millennials have big hearts, and they want to feel like they are making a difference, even in little ways. If they feel like they are making a difference when they eat at your food truck, they will come away feeling good about the experience. This makes them more likely to come back again and again. When you support a cause, you make people feel good about themselves and you. Think of what you feel passionate about and put a portion of your proceeds to that.

Because millennials value experiences more than things, they are some of your best prospective patrons. By taking steps in the direction of sustainability, being eco-friendly, and supporting a cause, you will attract more of them.

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