ways to cut costs at your food truck

Ways to Cut Costs at Your Food Truck

When you pare your business down to the basics, success is just a simple formula: Cut costs and sell more. You can increase your profits without adding a single new customer to your base simply by spending less money to provide the same great experience. There are several ways to do this.

Use Alternative Energy Sources

As the prices of fossil fuels soar it will become critical to reduce your dependence on them and utilize alternative energy sources. More and more innovative food truck owners are installing solar panels on top of their trucks to use as an additional source of energy. Some savvy owners are even using wind turbines to help power their trucks. You’ll likely still need a generator for supplemental power, but sunshine and wind can go a long way toward reducing your energy costs.

Pare Down Your Menu

You might be tempted to fill your menu to the brim with different types of dishes. However, more choices don’t always mean more profits. Stocking your kitchen with fresh ingredients is expensive. The more options you have on your menu, the more food you need to purchase and store. This also sets you up for more potential waste. Instead of offering everything under the sun, pare down your menu to the few items that really sell.

Optimize Your Inventory

Food waste is literally throwing money down the drain. Or into the compost pile. And yet, many chefs over-stock their kitchen because they fear running out of something. Instead of stock-piling your food, stock it wisely. Keep a close eye on your stock, track your inventory carefully, consider the shelf life of each item, and take special consideration with produce and other perishable items. One way to optimize your inventory is to assign one employee to manage it with the help of an inventory automation tool.

Increasing profits is the name of the game in business, and one way to do that is to constantly look for ways to cut costs. You don’t want to compromise on quality, but there are ways to reduce expenses without sacrificing your standards.

Are you looking for more ways to improve your food truck business? Get tips from other food truck owners by clicking here. Once you’re done reading that, make sure that you’re signed up with the Where’s the Foodtruck app. You don’t want to miss out on customers simply because they didn’t know how to find you!

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