ways a food truck can give back to the community

Ways You Can Give Back to Your Community

As a small business, you rely on the support of your community to keep you in business. The community’s support comes from individual customers, private events, and city regulations that allow you to set up shop and do business. Show your gratitude by giving back to your community. Ways you can give back to your community include supporting fundraisers, feeding the homeless, and participating in city clean-up projects.

Support Fundraisers

During the year there are various fundraisers going on throughout your community. High school teams, service organizations, and city leagues are always looking for ways to raise money for their groups. There is also a never-ending list of non-profit groups that want to make a difference in the world. Support members in your community by supporting the various fundraisers going on. You can donate to a cause, give a percentage of proceeds to a group, serve food at a fundraiser, or host your own fundraising event. Find the most beneficial way you can support a fundraiser in your community.

Feed the Homeless

Homelessness has significantly increased over the years. States like New York, Hawaii and California are dealing with unprecedented homeless rates. It can be difficult for communities to support all the individuals that need assistance. Extend a helping hand by feeding the homeless. Collect donations to distribute or go out and serve warm meals. It’s up to you how often you can afford to and what ways you choose to help.

Participate in City Clean-Up Projects

Many cities, especially around Spring time, hosts cleanup projects. Private citizens or city councilmen will organize groups to help clean the streets, parks, recreation centers, etc. These projects rely on volunteers to help make the community a better place. As a food truck owner, you can participate in these projects in a variety of ways. Donate funds to help support the cleanup effort. Volunteer your time and employees’ time to helping with a project. You can also set up your truck and offer refreshments for participating volunteers.

People notice when you lend a helping hand. Serving your community expresses your gratitude for them keeping you in business. Through service you create stronger relationships and build loyalty towards your brand.

For additional guidance on how to show customers that you care about them and the business they give you, read our article How to Increase Customer Loyalty.

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