why are holiday menus so popular

Why Are Holiday Menus So Popular?

While most winter holidays are behind us already, there are plenty of holidays that people enjoy celebrating and go looking for associated with food. Why are holiday menus so popular? While there may be traditional foods that people love, it doesn’t really explain why people are drawn in by fancy decorations and fun colors. Let’s explore so that you can incorporate some of these ideas into your menu.

It’s Festive

Holiday menus, aka limited time offerings (LTOs), are one of the best ways to celebrate a holiday, and it allows people to participate in more holiday traditions that they enjoy. People love having an excuse to celebrate, and festive holiday menus make it easier. Food plays a huge role in how people celebrate, so playing into the traditions of the holiday can be a great way to bring in business. For instance, St Patrick’s Day is a great excuse to add green food, mint flavors, or Irish recipes to your menu.

Everyone Loves a Deal

Holiday menus often include dishes that aren’t usually offered or new combinations that they may not normally consider. Holiday menus also often include discounts or special offers. If there’s one thing you should know as a food truck owner, it’s that everyone loves a deal. When people think they’re getting a good deal, it can actually release oxytocin, which will help them associate your food truck with happiness. Advertising these deals is a great way to bring people in to visit your food truck. You can get creative with your menus and deals, including asking people to wear a certain color, offering something a little extra, or adding fun decorations. *Pro tip- post your deals, daily specials, or holiday menus on WTF to reach your ideal customers!

It’s a Good Talking Point

Marketing and word of mouth are great ways to draw more people in, and holiday menus give everyone a lot to talk about when it comes to deals. When you create a holiday menu, make sure you get the word out about it. This should be the focus of your marketing efforts leading up to the holiday. This should be in your social media efforts, on your website, advertised on your truck, and brought up when you’re having conversations with other people. And when you regularly have a holiday menu on rotation, you can use that to remind people that some of their past limited-time favorites are coming back.

People truly enjoy getting a good deal, and holiday menus work well for both you and your customers. You can take advantage of the love of holiday menus easily without spending a lot of time and effort modifying your menu or recipes. And don’t forget, they can also be a lot of fun.

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