Why You Should Hire a Food Truck for Your Wedding

why you should hire a food truck for your wedding

Why You Should Hire a Food Truck for Your Wedding

Congratulations! You’re getting married! This is the biggest day of your life and one that you will never forget. You deserve the very best on your big day. That’s why you should hire a food truck to provide the food! You might be surprised to hear that food trucks are becoming a big wedding trend. It started with a handful of really smart people and continues to spread! Here’s why.

Serve Food People Actually Like!

Let’s face it, wedding food can be a bit stodgy. It isn’t that it doesn’t taste good so much as it doesn’t blow your socks off! Food truck owners take their craft, perfect it, and serve up only the best. That’s why street food is so dang good! So, while you could serve your guests cold salmon and asparagus, why not give them amazing choices, served up piping hot straight from the truck?

Instead of Stuffy, Go With Fun!

No one says that a wedding has to be stuffy. If you’re a stuffy person, fine, stick with the traditional stuffy vibe. But if you’re a fun person, let your wedding represent who you really are with a food truck. Food trucks bring a party ambiance like nothing else, and finding your forever love is truly cause to celebrate! Hype it up with a great DJ, fun lighting, and food truck food!

Save Your Money for the Honeymoon!

The average cost for a plated wedding dinner starts at a whopping 40 bucks a person. That’s astronomical when you multiply it by all your friends and family. Of course, at that price, you might just decide to cut out everyone but immediate family–which is truly depressing to contemplate! Instead of uninviting your cousins and friends, hire a food truck. Food truck catering for a wedding can start at around 20 bucks a plate. With prices like those, you can even invite crazy great-aunt Matilda! Cheaper food at a fraction of the price seems like a no-brainer. Why not save your money for the honeymoon?

You don’t have to follow tradition when it comes to your wedding. This is YOUR day, and you should be able to do whatever you want! If you want party vibes, you should get party vibes. If you want amazing street food,  get amazing street food. Don’t let anyone tell you what your wedding has to be!

If you’ve decided that a food truck is where it’s at for your wedding, click here to request a food truck through Where’s the Foodtruck. We can help you find the perfect truck for your big day!

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