why you should publish food truck reviews

Why You Should Publish Food Reviews

Many small businesses, including food trucks, ask their customers to leave a review after their visit. Have you ever wondered why? Publishing a food review doesn’t just make you a food critic and give you a voice. Food reviews increase image, help convince other customers, and give vendors honest feedback to improve.

Reviews Increase Brand Image

The internet operates on search engine optimization (SEO). SEO tries to find the most applicable item to everyone’s interest. This can make it hard for small businesses that are trying to get their brand out there. When you publish a review, you help increase a food truck’s searchability. Reviews have the most prominent ranking factor in local searches. Leaving a food review helps increase that food truck’s visibility and encourages other customers to leave their own feedback.

Reviews Convince Other Customers

More than half of customers look at reviews before making a purchasing decision. When you leave a review, you help convince other customers why they should (or shouldn’t) eat at a particular food truck. Your review can even convince a customer what the best item on the menu is. Foodies need to have each other’s backs and clue each other in for where to find the truly delicious items.

Reviews Give Food Trucks Honest Feedback

When a food truck owner or employee comes around asking how you like their food, it’s likely you don’t give them an honest answer. Don’t be embarrassed, everyone does it. You want to eat your food in peace, even if that means telling the inquisitor that their sub-par food is “very good”.

When you leave reviews online, you can be as honest as you want without feeling embarrassed. Good owners analyze reviews left by their customers and use them to improve. Customer reviews help food trucks understand their customer and change their service to better serve them. Even a bad review is a service to the vendor because it gives them honest feedback and ways to improve.

Whether you consider yourself a professional critic or someone who just likes food, your food review is important! Publishing a review online helps increase a vendor’s brand image, convince other customers, and gives food trucks honest feedback. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion online. You are kind of like a hero for doing it.

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