why you should support local businesses

Why You Should Support Local Businesses

“Shop local!” That’s become a bit of a catchphrase that you hear everywhere. With so many big box stores, chain restaurants, and online purchasing options, local businesses are getting fewer and farther between. And that’s a tragedy of epic proportions. Local businesses are where it’s at for several important reasons and are well worth supporting. Here’s why:

Boost Your Local Economy

With chain restaurants and big box stores, most of the money earned goes to the pockets of the corporations and their execs who don’t live anywhere near you. When you support local businesses, the money stays local and boosts your local economy. If your city is struggling to make ends meet, the answer certainly doesn’t lie in more global businesses. It will thrive when local businesses get their just desserts and the money spent can stay put locally, enriching everyone as it circulates within the community.

Strengthen Your Community

The backbone of your community is made up of the hard-working, talented entrepreneurs who put it all on the line to bring you the excellent services and products that they work tirelessly for. When you support a local business, you strengthen the backbone of your community. At the same time, local businesses are the heart of your community. They give you delicious food, a place to mingle, ways to connect with other people, and so much more. Imagine what your town or city would be like without any of the small businesses that you rely on every day. A depressing thought, right?

Save the Planet

Another reason that shopping locally is touted all over the place is that local businesses are better for the environment. You can significantly reduce your carbon footprint by shopping and eating at locally owned stores and restaurants. National and international chains rely on massive fleets of shipments going all over the world, requiring huge amounts of fossil fuels. Local businesses reduce that carbon footprint significantly.

Local businesses truly are where it’s at. Not only do they boost your local economy, strengthen your community, and help save the planet, but their products and services are just so much better as well. Local businesses are owned by people in your community who know and understand you. Their kids go to school with yours. They’re your neighbors and friends. They know your needs, desires, and concerns. That level of understanding leads to quality and service that can’t be beat.

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