Add Salsa to Your Menu for National Salsa Month

Add Salsa to Your Menu for National Salsa Month

Did you know that May is National Salsa Month? Yep, there’s a whole month devoted to that delicious blend of produce. Celebrate by adding salsa to your menu in May. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure how to make that happen. There are ways that virtually every food truck can incorporate it.

Types of Salsa to Consider

Salsa is a term used for a variety of sauces that are commonly used as condiments in Mexican dishes. The most common salsa has a red tomato base and comes in varying degrees of spiciness. That traditional salsa is far from the only type, however. There’s salsa verde (tomatillo-based), salsa criollo (red onion-based), fresh salsa (pico de gallo or salsa fresca), and non-tomato-based salsas (fruit salsas, corn salsa, etc). Variety in the types of salsa means that you can find tasty salsa recipes that offer different flavors to work with a variety of dishes.

Dishes to Pair It With

So what can you pair your salsa with? Chips and salsa are a classic, along with salsa pairings for many other Mexican dishes. You don’t have to offer Mexican food to have something to pair with your salsa though. Mango salsa can be delicious with coconut shrimp. Salsa verde goes great with many chicken dishes. Add salsa to egg dishes for extra flavor. Pico de gallo adds refreshing freshness to a variety of dishes, too. Just taste-test your pairings before offering them to customers to make sure they work.

Tips for Offering Salsa

You can’t sell salsa if your customers don’t know about it. Make sure it’s a clear option on your menu. Ask your customers if they would like to add some salsa to their order. Place signs around your food truck advertising your salsa, and maybe even national salsa month. Offer samples so your customers know if they’ll like it before they buy it. If you offer different spice levels, indicate that on your signs and menu so customers can choose their preferred heat level. Also keep in mind that because salsa uses fresh ingredients, it’s important to store it properly so it stays safe to eat. Remember to hold cold salsas below 41 degrees Fahrenheit and warm salsas above 140 degrees Fahrenheit for safe food handling and storage.

Salsa can be absolutely delicious! With so many different varieties and ways to incorporate it, there’s bound to be a way you can add it to your menu so your customers can enjoy it. Think of it as a May menu special. Remember to advertise that it’s only there for the month to encourage customers to buy it while they can (though there’s nothing wrong with bringing it back if it’s a huge hit).

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