Celebrating World Kindness Day at Your Food Truck

celebrating world kindness day at your food truck

Celebrating World Kindness Day at Your Food Truck

November 13th is World Kindness Day. This special holiday was created to promote greater kindness for all the nations and individuals of the world. Each year, the World Kindness Movement chooses a theme to focus on. This year’s theme is “Be kind whenever possible.” Kindness is shown best in the small, day-to-day interactions we share with others. It doesn’t have to be limited to grand gestures. You can make the world a little kinder by honoring this special day at your food truck.

Kindness for Coworkers

Start the day off right by showing extra kindness to your coworkers. The people you see all the time may greet each day with their brave faces on, but everyone gets a little bruised and battered by life at times. Because you see your coworkers every day, you have an especially powerful impact on them. Choose to lift them up every chance you get–on November 13th and always. Take care of a task they would normally be charged with. Praise them whenever they do something right. Smile at them with real affection. Give them a note of appreciation. You could even offer them a small gift in token of your gratitude for them.

Go the Extra Mile

Now that you and your coworkers are feeling amazing, it’s time to extend the love to your customers. Hopefully, you always greet your customers with a smile and serve them with sincerity, but use this day to go the extra mile. Watch for ways to help, uplift, and cheer your customers. Remember, they too are coming to you a little bruised and battered. Hopefully, you will create a ripple effect and your customers will pay that kindness forward in the interactions they have throughout the day.

Community Clean-Up

If you want to offer something a little grander and more impactful, consider leading with a community clean-up. Does the area around where you typically park your truck need some sprucing up? Choose an area in your vicinity to pick up trash and pull weeds. The gift of a cleaner town will make everyone in your community feel a little more uplifted.

The wonderful thing about spreading joy is that it always comes back around to you. One of the fastest ways to break a bad mood and lighten your spirits is to serve someone else. Hopefully, being kinder this World Kindness Day will inspire you and the people you serve to want to be kinder every day.

For customer service tips that will brighten anyone’s day, click here. And while you’re sharing kindness to your customers, don’t forget to share that they can easily find you next time on the Where’s the Foodtruck app!

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