desserts youve got to try

Desserts You've GOT to Try

Food trucks are famous for their delicious tacos, zesty gyros, and juicy burgers. However, they also pump out some of the most delectable, decadent desserts on the planet. Currently, there are a few dessert trends that you’ve absolutely GOT to try! Hurry up though, because this is a bandwagon you don’t want to miss!

Gourmet Donuts

Donuts as we know them have been around for nearly 200 years, and who doesn’t love a good donut? You might think that no one can improve upon the classic glazed donut or maple roll, but that’s only because you’ve never tried gourmet donuts. Think guava and cream cheese, cookies and cream, maple and bacon, and cereal-topped donuts. Or, for the more sophisticated palate, you might try lemon and lavender, beetroot and goat cheese, or fig and balsamic glaze. You’ll be amazed at how delicious each bite of these unique flavor combinations can be!

Dessert Crepes

Crepes date all the way back to 13th century France, but they’re still going strong. In fact, crepes are seeing a massive influx in the United States with the newfound popularity of the dessert crepe. The sky is the limit when it comes to dessert crepe fillings. Whether you’re a chocolate lover, peanut butter fiend, coffee glutton, or fruit purist, there’s something for everyone. These thin and tender, slightly sweet pastries are the perfect complement to any topping that you can imagine.

Flavored Churros

Today’s churros aren’t just your typical sweet, cinnamony fried dough. Churro trucks have upped the ante by about a billion with fillings, dips, and sundaes. Popular fillings include chocolate, bavarian cream, strawberry, and caramel. Or, if dipping is more your thing, you can dip your classic churro in the same things. Fried up fresh and hot on-site, flavored churros are a dessert craze you definitely don’t want to miss!

No one pushes culinary boundaries quite like a food truck. We have the modern food truck to thank for some of the most delicious treats out there. You for sure have to get out there and try a gourmet donut, dessert crepe, and flavored churro. You might genuinely wonder if you died and went to heaven!

When it comes to pushing dessert boundaries, no one does it quite like the trucks commonly found at your county fair. Make sure to get there this year, if for no other reason than the food! Click here for some examples of the delicious fare you might find there!

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