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Equipment Needed to Get Your Food Truck Business Running

Whether you are looking to expand your business on wheels or just starting to dip your toe in the food truck industry, a food truck business can prove very profitable. Recent years have shown the rapid growth and success of food truck businesses. There is however necessary equipment that you must have prior to getting started. To get your food truck business up and running, look for a truck that can be converted, professional cooking equipment, and a POS system.

Truck that Can be Converted

It’s in the name, but you must have a food truck to get started as a business. There are companies that you can hire to build a custom truck according to your needs. This process can be expensive and depending on supply and demand, could take months before you receive your product.

If you are feeling industrious, you can also build your own! Determine how much space you will need, then find an old truck, trailer, bus, or other vehicle that you can convert into a restaurant on wheels. First, you’ll need to gut the vehicle. Then you can prep it with the appropriate reinforcements, electrical wiring, fuel, serving station, etc.

Professional Cooking Equipment

Prior to finishing any of the interior renovations, you need to install cooking equipment for your truck. Because of the high volume of products, you will be turning out, and for health regulations, you need to invest in professional cooking equipment. You may consider going to a restaurant supply store to help you find a stove, refrigerator, sink, and other supplies that can fit within the dimensions of your vehicle. Be sure to securely fasten each piece of equipment so nothing happens during travel transitions.

A Point-of-Sale System

Another piece of equipment you must have is a POS (point-of-sale) system. You may opt for a cash register, however with mobile pay, online ordering, and additional technical advancements, you may find a POS system more friendly for all transaction types. Companies like Square are easily affordable, portable, and can handle everything from transactions, loyalty points, and even inventory status. (*We recommend Square, and have fully integrated their system with our app for you to offer mobile ordering as part of our free, basic membership. You can setup your Square account here.)

Getting started can be an expensive project. However, by investing in the right equipment you set yourself up for success. Give your business a professional environment with a long-lasting investment in the proper equipment to get your business running.

For additional information to help you get your business up and running, see this article.

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