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Events You Can Invite a Food Truck To

Most individuals find themselves in a situation where they need to provide food at an event and doing it by themselves is not possible. Rather than overwhelming yourself or creating a major hosting disaster, you can invite a food truck to cater the event for you. Events perfect for inviting a food truck to include wedding receptions, work parties, and recreation tournaments.

Wedding Reception

One of the popular wedding trends right now is inviting food trucks to the reception. Food trucks add a fun and relaxing change of scenery from the formal event that just took place. Food trucks can also add a touch of personality as they serve a food that the bride and groom particularly like or match the theme of the wedding reception. Couples have been known to serve waffles, fried chicken, Mexican night, or any other food you can think of that comes from a truck. With some strung lights at an outdoor location, you have easy catering that everyone will enjoy.

Work Parties

Many companies try to find ways to entertain their employees and show their appreciation for the work that they do. Company parties however can sometimes become routine and the excitement of getting to know the co-workers is lost. You can invite a food truck to a formal company party to switch up the food cuisine. If you are hosting a party for family members to join, a food truck at a park with a movie is the perfect activity. You can even invite one to your office for lunch one day to treat your workers. Food trucks are easy to reserve, and your workers will appreciate the extra effort.

Recreation & Sports Tournaments

One of the challenges city league and school sporting events face is how to feed their spectators. Sometimes a tournament can last all day with no vending or stadium food options. To feed the athletes and spectators, you can invite a variety of food trucks to attend your event. This is an efficient way of taking care of the individual, without the added cost. Just contact local food trucks to let them know when and where they can be to serve nearby customers.

Inviting a food truck is a great way to provide variety and entertainment. Food trucks are also run by small businesses who love your support. The next time you plan an event, consider ways you can invite a food truck to attend.

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