great deals that bring the crowds rolling in

Great Deals that Bring In the Crowds

As a food truck owner, it can be difficult to know what kinds of measures will actually increase your customer base. There are gimmicks and ploys of all kinds, but which ones actually work? Want to bring the crowds rolling in? Here are some deals that the average foodie can’t resist.

Cheap Drinks

Drinks—especially soft drinks—can be your food truck’s best friend. That cold, refreshing sweetness is like nectar for the bees—drawing in customers in droves. Because soft drinks are so cheap, you can use them as bait for thirsty customers by lowering your prices far below the competition. Once you have reeled those parched people in for drinks, they won’t be able to resist the delicious smells emanating from your kitchen and are much more likely to order food, too. *Pro tip- this works great at events!

Kids Eat Free

Parents are like lions when it comes to hunting for an opportunity to feed their kids for free. They are lurking everywhere, just watching and waiting to pounce on a kids-eat-free deal! Consider offering a free kid’s meal with each paying adult. The trick is to create dirt-cheap kids’ meals that cost you basically nothing but increase your sales drastically. Some examples of inexpensive foods that kids love include chicken nuggets, hot dogs, mac-n-cheese, PB&J, and cheese quesadillas. And remember, young kids eat like birds, so portion sizes can be small.

Two for One

Everyone loves a two for one deal. Who doesn’t relish in the chance to get double value for the price of one? This might not be viable as a permanent deal, but it can certainly be used promotionally for a limited time to bring in new people and increase your customer base. Consider offering two for one deals at a certain time each day, on one day of the week, or as a limited time bargain. More people will try your food and hopefully get hooked!

Drawing in the crowds can be tricky. Somehow, you have to stand out amongst your competitors and make a profit. However, some deals are guaranteed to work. People love a two for one, a free kid’s meal, and a cheap drink. Cater to those desires and you are guaranteed to draw more people in. Whatever deal you decide on, make sure you post it to the WTF app* to attract even more customers. (*Premier member exclusive feature)

While you’re deciding on which promotional offers to incorporate into your food truck business, find out how to increase your bookings by clicking here. Plus, be sure that you’re registered with Where’s the Foodtruck. It will help you connect with hungry people wherever you are.

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