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How to Be Productive During Slow Seasons

Every business faces slow seasons. Summer-based activities are non-existent during cold months. As a food truck operator, it can be difficult to stay afloat with fewer customers. Take advantage of the extra time you have to perform maintenance, deep clean the kitchen, and analyze performance data.

Perform Maintenance

The life of a food truck operator is busy. During the slow season, this is the perfect opportunity for you to perform maintenance. Common maintenance practices include oil changes, appliance check, and energy systems check. Take time to bring your food truck or trailer tow-vehicle to a mechanic and complete all necessary repairs. Having a professional look at your appliances will help you stay on top of repairs and ensure your kitchen functions properly during busier seasons. Avoid downtime in busy seasons and loss of revenue by getting maintenance done when business is slow.

Deep Clean the Kitchen

Just like any restaurant, a food truck gets dirty. The interior cabin will need to be deep cleaned. Vacuum the seats and wipe down the dashboard and all surfaces to get rid of germs (and dust!) and give the cabin a fresh feel. Cleanliness inside the truck’s kitchen is even more important. A clean kitchen keeps your truck up to health code and keeps everyone safe. Slow seasons are the perfect time to deep clean your kitchen. Remove appliances and thoroughly clean areas that often get forgotten. Appliances should also be cleaned to optimize performance. Stocking up on cleaning supplies will make cleaning responsibilities easier on a day-to-day basis.

Analyze Performance Data

Once your truck is fully operational, you should take time to analyze performance data. Look at your sales and identify patterns. There may be some food items that cost a lot to make, but don’t generate a high enough profit. Some items sell well and others not at all. Find your star sellers and your workhorses and optimize your menu. You should also take time to examine marketing strategies and social media engagement. This will help you identify certain trends that will help increase your sales next season.

Running a successful business requires operational and managerial responsibilities. As a food truck owner, you are required to do both. Sometimes it may feel overwhelming and too heavy of a task. Balance both responsibilities by optimizing productivity during slow seasons.

Take a look at our ­­Before Opening a Food Truck article for additional maintenance items you can perform during the off season.

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