How to Celebrate National Margarita Weekend

How to Celebrate National Margarita Weekend

If margaritas are your favorite drink, February needs to be your favorite month. Depending on who you talk to, there are two margarita holidays you can celebrate – either National Margarita Day on February 22 or National Margarita Weekend on the third weekend in February, which happens to be the 18th and 19th this year.

Learn About the History

If you enjoy a margarita regularly but have never really learned much about them or the history behind them, now’s the time! While there is some debate in the origin story, most people agree that it originated in either Mexico or by an Irish man who brought it to Mexico. It is also thought to be a riff on a drink called a Daisy and was originally known as a Tequila Daisy, since the main difference is that a Daisy uses bourbon, and the Tequila Daisy obviously uses tequila.

Visit a New Bar

You most likely have your staple bar that you go to, and maybe a few other favorites, but this is the perfect time to branch out a little and try a new bar. Maybe there’s a bar that recently opened, or one that you heard about that’s a little out of your way. Maybe you’re visiting a new city and want to try out one you have heard good things about. National Margarita Weekend is the time to go! There’s most likely going to be some kind of special you can take advantage of, and because they’re celebrating, the bar will have its best foot forward. It’s a good way to see if this new bar should be a favorite or just a one-time stop. You can also go for a less conventional bar setting, like a food truck (tacos or birria!?), to see what they offer up.

Try New Recipes

If you don’t feel like going out for some reason, now’s the perfect time to work on your margarita recipe or to try a new one that you’ve had your eye on. Margaritas are one of those drinks that are relatively easy to make at home, and you can whip them up pretty quickly for you and your friends. Drinking at home means you don’t need to worry about a designated driver or how late you stay out. Make sure you have some good snacks and turn on your favorite tv show or break out your favorite board game for a great night!

Rather than just choosing one day to celebrate, make a whole weekend of celebrating your favorite drink and learning more about it. The margarita is a great drink that fits almost every occasion, so make this party one to enjoy!

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