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How to Keep Cool as the Weather Heats Up

The driving sun and blaring heat of summer is on its way, and it won’t take pity on you because you haven’t fitted your truck with a cooling system. One of the downsides to operating a food truck is that the truck itself can get as hot as an oven on those toasty summer days. That kind of heat is dangerous.  Here are three ways to keep your cool as the weather heats up.

Install Roof Vents and Exhaust Fans

One of the most important factors in cooling your food truck is proper air flow. Installing roof vents is a great way to increase air flow. One popular way to vent your roof is to fit it with large skylights that open out. This doubles as a lighting and cooling system. You can also install a 12V roof vent, which features a motorized fan to help circulate the air. In addition to venting your roof, you will need an exhaust fan to pull the heat and smoke from your food prep area up and out of the truck. Look for hood fans that are designed specifically for food trucks.

Retrofit a Mini AC Unit

Retrofitting an AC unit can be pricey, but they can also be a lifesaver as temperatures rise. There are several different types of units to choose from. The easiest types to install will be your standard portable units, which can be placed anywhere inside. Finding an eco-friendly model will save you money in the long run. For external units, evaporative coolers are one way to go. These types can be installed on the outside of your truck. When choosing a rooftop air conditioner, consider both aerodynamics and durability.  

The Old-Fashioned Way

While roof vents, exhaust fans, and air conditioning units will go a long way toward keeping you cool, you should never forget your basic, old-fashioned methods. Whenever possible, park in the shade. Open your windows and doors. Keep a damp towel wrapped around your neck and fans blowing on you. Use misting water bottles. Stay hydrated. And be smart. If temperatures in the truck exceed 91 degrees, take extra precautions. If it gets to 100 or more, you should probably close shop until things cool down.

Cooling your truck doesn’t have to be rocket science. Some simple installations and taking strategic action should do the trick. The most important part is to keep cool and stay safe.

Once you have your truck fitted up for the warmer weather, click here for some great ways to increase your bookings this summer. And make sure your truck is up to date with Where’s The Foodtruck so that hungry people are sure to find you!

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