how to make your food truck irresistible

How to Make Your Food Truck Irresistible

Your business has to stand out to attract customers in today’s competitive world. When it comes to food trucks, you have to really stand out! Often, where there’s one food truck, there are many. So how do you get hungry people to flock to your food truck instead of to the competition? Here are three zany ideas that just might work!

Waft the Smells

Your sense of smell is powerful. In fact, smell is the only sense that goes straight to the amygdalya–the part of the brain in charge of the most powerful emotions. The amygdala also stores memories. That’s why the tiniest whiff of lavender can bring you right back to childhood and your sweet grandma’s lap in an instant. Use a fan to waft the delicious scents of your gourmet street food into the air around you. The positive associations that people have with those smells could give you the competitive edge you need to stay ahead of the game.

Play Music

Part of the draw of food trucks is that they’re more about an experience than just about the food. Few things say party vibe quite like a food truck. So why not crank the party up with some fun tunes? If you serve ethnic food at your food truck, you could blast some tunes from the country you represent. Or, choose your music based on your target audience. If mostly young people are out, hit ‘em up with some modern hits. If older people are walking the streets, play some good ol’ classic tunes!

Light it Up!

When it’s dark outside, you can attract the crowds with fun lighting. As with everything, choose lighting that complements your brand. For example, a Hawaiian BBQ could set tiki torches around. A truck serving Asian food could hang decorative lanterns. Or, go all out with colorful dance party lights! The sky’s literally the limit when it comes to the types of fun lighting you can use to draw people in.

Your food is already irresistible, but people can’t know that unless you first reel them in and get them to try it out. That’s why you should hit them with their other senses first if you want to get in with their tastebuds! With delicious aromas, fun music, and festive lights, you can pack a powerful punch on people’s senses before they even taste your food. One final thought: if customers en-route get hit with a notification on the WTF app that you’re open, they’ll already be thinking of you when they arrive, putting you at the top of the list of options!

If you’re a food truck owner looking for even more ways to bring in the crowds, click here! Then, make sure you‘re registered with Where’s the Foodtruck and update your profile if necessary. Try posting a deal or daily special, too!

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