international foods to celebrate in april

International Foods to Celebrate in April

We often focus on celebrating our national food holidays, but if you’re going to celebrate foods that come from another country, why not look at their food holidays? After all, do you really need an excuse to celebrate food even more than you already do?

April 8: Empanadas

To be transparent, this is a US holiday, but empanadas traditionally come from Latin American countries, so it still fits the idea of celebrating international foods. Depending on what country you get the recipe from, empanadas can have a variety of fillings, and they can be baked, fried, or grilled. You can experiment with making your own empanadas or go find a restaurant or food truck that serves empanadas. You can even get different varieties from different cultures to compare and decide which you like best.

April 17: Espresso

April 17th is Italy’s National Espresso day. And not the espresso that you get from Starbucks, but real Italian espresso. If you have the tools already, you can celebrate by making your own espresso and trying it with different types of coffee beans. If you don’t want to make your own espresso or you don’t have the equipment you need, searching out a new Italian cafe in your city is the perfect way to go. Not only are they likely to have the espresso that you want, but they will likely have the perfect pastries to pair. Who knows? You may even find your new favorite place to hang out and meet up with friends for a cup of coffee.

April 23: Macarons

In the UK, April 23rd is for celebrating macarons. While this delicious cookie is French in origin, it is incredibly popular all over Europe, and well-loved in the UK. With their tradition of high tea and the lovely delicacies that accompany it, is it really a surprise that the UK also celebrates the macaron? Traditionally made with almond flour, these cookies come in a variety of flavors, which means you can find one that appeals to everyone. Try experimenting with different combinations. It may take some time to really get the hang of working with the delicate batter, but once you do, you can plan a tea party with your friends that will be the talk of everyone’s celebrations.

If you’re trying to get to know a country better, there’s no better place to start than its food and food traditions. Take some time to research what they celebrate and learn about how you can incorporate that into your life.

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