Making the Most Out of Summer for Your Food Truck

making the most out of summer for your food truck

Making the Most Out of Summer for Your Food Truck

Summer is rolling by like it’s on rails, but there are still a lot of toasty days and warm evenings to look forward to. When the weather is good, people flock to the good ol’ outdoors, which means fantastic crowds just waiting for delicious street food. Because summer is the busiest time of the year for most food trucks, it’s important to squeeze it for all it’s worth. Here are three ways to make the most out of the remaining weeks of summer!

Use Local Produce

Summer is the perfect time to utilize local, fresh ingredients. Local produce is cheaper, fresher, and tastier. It’s also more eco-friendly. There are several great places to find local produce. First, become a regular at your city’s farmer’s market. At a farmer’s market, you will find vendors from all over your region with a wide variety of fares. You could also strike a deal with local farmers to purchase their fresh fruits and veggies directly. Finally, consider growing your own garden. You don’t need much space to grow fresh ingredients such as tomatoes, peppers, and herbs.

Serve Up Something Cold

No matter what type of food you sell at your food truck, you can come up with something cold to serve up. Few things are more magnetizing than color pictures of a refreshing beverage or frozen treat when it’s steaming hot outside. This might also be the best time to include cold entrees on your menu, such as salads, bowls, parfaits, sandwiches, and chilled soups. And don’t forget, you can make bank on ice-cold water bottles when it is hot out.

Maximize on Cheap Treats

Summer is the time to maximize on cheap but delicious treats. For example, popsicles go for a dime a dozen. Ice cream cups are inexpensive and hugely popular. Icy’s and snow cones can turn a major profit. Unique drinks, fruity smoothies, bubbly cocktails, iced coffees, refreshing teas, and original shakes are sure to draw in the crowds of people desperate for some relief from the heat. Best of all, you can sell these items at a high-profit margin.

You might not be able to personally beat the heat while you cook away in your truck this summer, but you can capitalize on it! Hot people will do just about anything to cool down, and few things will stop them in their tracks like an irresistible, ice-cold drink, treat, or entree.

Now that you’re ready for the crowds of burning hot people out there, click here for ideas on how to increase your summer bookings. Then, be sure you’re registered with Where’s the Foodtruck so that you never miss a customer!

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