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Safety Features Your Kitchen Should Have

If you are in the food truck industry, you already know how business is booming. However, many food truck owners have jumped on board without preparing their equipment or their staff properly. Cooking in tight spaces has its own set of challenges and risks. Keep your truck and your employees safe by providing basic safety features in your truck including a fire extinguisher, emergency shut off valve, and an emergency phone.

Fire Extinguisher

One of the first safety features your kitchen should have is a fire extinguisher. Cooking in close proximity increases the risk of fire hazards, especially for inexperienced operators. Class K fire extinguishers are specifically designed to put out fires involving fats, oils, and grease. These are best used in kitchen fires where oil and grease are a common cause of fires. Make sure your extinguisher is up to date and your employees know the proper procedures for handling one.

Emergency Shut Off Valve

With so many different types of equipment in such close quarters, it is important to have an emergency shut off valve. This valve should be able to cut off electricity, gas, or any other system that powers your appliances. Immediately cutting off electricity and gas will prevent fuel being added to a kitchen fire, should one occur. Make sure this valve is in a place that can be easily located but not accidentally pressed. You certainly do not want the valve being used when not necessary.

Emergency Phone

Even though everyone carries a cell phone with them, it is still wise to have an emergency phone for your truck. Employees need to know that they can call for help whenever it is necessary. Either programmed into or listed next to the phone should be key phone numbers like the police, 911, and your personal number. This can be useful in any situation where there is an emergency, someone gets hurt, or someone is threatening your business.

By providing safety features for your food truck, you protect your business and your employees. Every employee needs to be properly trained on how to operate equipment and the safety features provided. Emergencies happen; it’s a hazard of working in the food industry. But frequent employee trainings will help protect you from any emergency that could be disastrous.

For more ideas on ways to keep your food truck kitchen safe, be sure to review our article ­­What to Clean in Your Kitchen.

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