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Steps to De-Winterize Your Food Truck

With winter almost behind us, it’s time to start thinking about de-winterizing your food truck. Before winter hit, you likely did an all-systems maintenance check and found a place to store your truck during the winter. Even if you used your truck over the winter, it is important to give it a good service before getting back into action.

Take Your Food Truck to a Mechanic

Especially during the busy season, your food truck or trailer gets a lot of miles. Without it, you can’t operate. Make sure it’s in top working condition by taking it to a mechanic. Your mechanic can check the tires, batteries, and inspect the engine. They can also perform any necessary maintenance to make sure your it operates smoothly, and all systems are healthy.

Deep Clean Inside Your Kitchen

For the health and safety of your employees and your customers, it is vital you deep clean your kitchen. Even a kitchen that has not been used for a season needs cleaning. Roll up your sleeves and get comfortable with the idea of doing a spring cleaning for your food truck’s kitchen. Your cleaning should focus on scrubbing everything top to bottom. Clean your floors, walls, and ceiling to remove dust and lingering food messes. Clean each of your appliances and make sure they work properly. You should also take inventory and decide which items need restocked. Now is also a good time to budget future repairs or replacement of wares based on your observations.

Plan Your Spring and Summer Schedule

The spring and summer seasons are typically the busiest for food truck owners. There are so many holidays, city events, weddings, and other opportunities for your truck to be booked. Look at city websites for events you can attend. Many cities require registration a few months in advance. You should also open private reservation slots for weddings and business parties. These events are great for getting your name out there and making future bookings. Planning your schedule will help you stay organized and make sure you are making the most of the busy season.

The busiest time of year is just around the corner for food truck owners. Don’t get left behind! Make sure you are ready to serve good food by de-winterizing your truck in anticipation of spring and summer business.

If you need additional insights on how to get your kitchen ready for the season, check out our article ­­What to Clean in Your Kitchen for more tips and tricks!

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