tips for foodie bloggers

Tips for Foodie Bloggers

There’s no shortage of foodie bloggers and no lack of interested readers. It makes sense; if there’s one thing that unites humanity, it’s a love for good food. However, because there are so many food lovers wanting to get in on the blog scene, you have to stand out if you want to be successful. Here are some tips for you aspiring foodie bloggers out there!

Try New Places

The single most important thing you must do to write good food review blogs is to constantly try new places. And by new places, we mean the little hole-in-the-wall spots that few people know about. These establishments are typically the hidden gems of the food world, anyway. Another blogger gold mine is the humble yet mouthwatering food truck. Food trucks are all too often overlooked by food bloggers, and yet they offer irresistible, gourmet street food that should never go underappreciated. If you need help finding the food trucks in your area, download the Where’s the Foodtruck app to help you out.

Take Good Photos

A picture truly does say a thousand words, and you want your photos to speak for themselves. With a good photo, what you write becomes secondary. It isn’t hard to learn, but taking good food photos is an art. As with any type of photography, your lighting is everything. Try not to use a back or front-lit light source. Instead, light your food from the side. Natural light is always the best for this. Watch out for dark shadows, and use an interesting surface that complements the food. Finally, arrange your plate in a beautiful, artistic way. No one wants to look at a nondescript mound of mush!

Be Descriptive

Your photos will speak for themselves, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use excellent writing to accompany them. When you describe your food, incorporate each of your five senses into your description. You want your readers to experience the tastes, smells, textures, and colors of your food with you as they read. And don’t forget the power of strong verbs. You didn’t eat something, you savored it!

Blogging about your food experiences can be a wonderful way to connect with an audience, promote your favorite eateries, expend your creative energy, and hopefully even earn some cash. However, foodie blogs must stand out to be successful. Find your niche and then run with it, paying special attention to your photos and descriptions.

For more tips on taking great food photos, read another one of our helpful blog articles on the subject here. And remember, Where’s the Foodtruck is the perfect place to find new food trucks to write about. If you don’t have the app, download it today!

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