What are the Best Food Tricks to Play for April Fools’ Day?

what are the best food tricks to play for april fools day

What are the Best Food Tricks to Play for April Fools’ Day?

When you’re planning April Fools’ jokes for your friends or family, food is one the easiest go-to options. What could be funnier than watching someone take a bite of something that they think is one thing, all while you know that it isn’t or that there’s a surprise in there? 

One of the easiest ways to get someone is to keep their favorite food the same, but change the flavor just a little or add some food coloring to make it different. Even better if their brain helps them play the trick as well. For instance, take the flavors of lemon and lime. They are very similar but still different. Almost everyone can tell the difference between the two, as long as the color is right. However, if you make something that is lemon-flavored, but dye it green, the person that you give the food to will taste lime. They just can’t help it. Until they close their eyes and taste it, at which point, they will identify the lemon. It’s a fun little brain game, and it does absolutely no harm.

If you want to take it up a notch, disguising one food as another is the next best way to go. Mashed potatoes can be made to look like convincing ice cream and vice versa. If you really want to mess with people, you can create a cake out of almost anything and hide it beneath either icing or any other spread that you can make look like icing. With a little effort, you can turn a fun sandwich into a bundt or round cake. If you do decide to go down this route, just make sure you keep any allergies or food sensitivities in mind and warn friends who may have an issue. Nothing ruins a fun April Fools’ day prank like actually hurting someone.

If you don’t actually want to mess with what someone is eating or you just aren’t much into pranks, but you still want to have fun with your meals, a meal scavenger hunt is a great way to introduce some fun without making it all about the prank. You can choose different locations around the house where each dish will be served, or you can even give them clues and drive around to some of your favorite restaurants and food trucks to piece the meal together.


There are limitless options that can make food on April Fools’ Day fun, so make sure you’re planning it out. After all, if you don’t plan something, someone may be planning for you!

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