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What to Clean in Your Kitchen

Cleanliness is so important. Keeping a clean kitchen will ensure your truck is up to health code and encourage confidence in customers. Knowing what to clean and how often to clean it will keep your food truck sanitary and legally operational. This article will discuss what to clean in your kitchen on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


At the end of a long shift, it’s tempting to save deep cleaning for the morning. DON’T! Germs will fester overnight, and the morning cleanup will be difficult when food and grease has settled in. At the end of your shift, it’s important to clean all appliances including fryers, flattop, and grill. Wash and sanitize all surfaces including cookware, countertops, service window and prep tables. Sweep and mop the truck floor. Place all food in sanitized containers for later use.


At the end of the week, you have a chance to refresh your foodtruck. Wash and sanitize your empty coolers. Leftover food should be tossed out. Remove lime on sinks and faucets. Clean the ovens according to manufacturer’s instructions. Sharpen your knives to prepare for the following week’s demands. All appliances should have a vigorous wipe down. Make note of inventory status and replenish your supplies in preparation for the following week.


At the end of the month, you must make time for more intense sanitizing efforts. These jobs will be much easier if you are already staying on top of daily and weekly cleaning tasks. Wash behind appliances (grill, flattop, and fryers) to prevent grease buildup. Empty and clean your refrigerators and freezer. Empty, scrub, and sanitize your ice/beverage box. Every interior surface, appliance, wall and even ceilings should be washed. Wipe down storage areas to get rid of crumbs or sticky spots. Restock your foodtruck with supplies, cooking equipment, and cleaning products. You should also perform any maintenance checks at this time.

Keeping your kitchen clean will provide security for employees. Clean kitchens also communicate ownership and pride in your product. Customers are much more inclined to come to you when they trust the food they’re eating. Be diligent about keeping your kitchen above standards to keep employees, customers, and your business safe and healthy.

Make sure you read ­­Signs You Can Trust the Food You’re Eating to understand the importance of a clean kitchen for your customers.

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