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When It's Worth Traveling

Gas prices are on the rise, making just about everyone balk at getting in the car and driving anywhere, especially long distances. And your food truck? Even worse! But sometimes, it’s worth traveling, even as the cost of gasoline soars. Here are some occasions that might be worth filling up the tank for.

When You’re Hired for a Big Event

As a food truck owner, pulling in the customers can be one of your biggest challenges. Some days, you just have to park and hope. However, when you’re hired out for a big event, you know that you’ll rake in the dough! If you’re certain that you’ll make a big profit, it’s definitely worth some travel to get there. In addition to the ready money, you get to show off your wares to a bunch of new people, some of whom will hopefully become loyal customers or hire you for a future event.

When the Crowds are Guaranteed

Even without a hired gig, some events and venues offer guaranteed crowds. Hungry ones! These events are also worth some travel to get to. Some examples are county fairs, community celebrations, farmer’s markets, and food truck events. Just be sure to differentiate yourself enough that you can stand out in a crowd of other food trucks seeking out the same thing. Draw in those customers with a bright, bold design, delicious smells, and, of course, amazing food! And as always, mark yourself on our app to notify event-goers that you’re there.

When Travel is Part of Your Branding

Most food trucks stay local, becoming a familiar stop within the community. However, some food trucks travel the country as part of their branding, such as The Cow and the Curd from Wisconsin—on a mission to introduce the rest of the country to their famous fried cheese curds. Others have grown into a fleet made up of hundreds or even thousands of trucks. One example of this is the much-loved Kona Ice truck. Traveling or spreading across state lines involves jumping a handful of hoops, but watching for these trucks to visit your community becomes part of the fun.

Getting in the truck and traveling can be expensive and logistically difficult, but there are times when it’s worth it. By traveling, you can spread the word, increase your customer base, and search out crowds of people. Sometimes, it’s nice just to take a little break from the norm and experience new places for a change. Summer is the perfect time to get yourself out there, so happy travels!

Want to increase your bookings this summer? Click here for some fantastic ideas. While you’re at it, make sure your food truck is registered and up to date with our Where’s the Foodtruck app. You want to be sure your fans know where to find you!

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