when to hire a caterer instead of diying it

When to Hire a Caterer Instead of DIYing It!

Do you ever get bogged down under the false impression that if something needs doing you’ve got to be the one to do it all? It’s pretty easy to think that way– other people can be disappointingly unreliable sometimes! However, you can take on a responsibility without having to do all the work yourself. Sometimes, it makes more sense to hire the work out instead of heaping additional stress onto your shoulders that you don’t need. Here are three reasons why you might want to hire a caterer instead of DIYing it.

When Your Schedule is Tight

Everyone’s busy, but some people are BUSY! These are the people who keep loading on the work and never say no to anyone. Maybe you work full-time, coach your kid’s soccer team, volunteer as the room parent for your elementary-aged child, lead your church’s youth program, and still sign up for every event that comes your way. When you’re that busy, don’t add meal planning, shopping, and cooking to your already full schedule. Hire a caterer so you can actually enjoy your event!

When Your Cooking Skills are Less-Than-Ideal

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Maybe your annual work Christmas party? Does that fact send you into a cold sweat every time you think of it because you can barely boil water and you always burn toast? If your cooking skills are less-than-ideal, don’t put yourself and your guests through that torture. Hire a caterer and rest easy knowing that everyone will enjoy the meal.

When You Want to Impress

Some events just deserve the very best. Graduation parties, retirement parties, work events, weddings, special religious ceremonies, golden anniversaries, and life celebrations– these are the kinds of events where the message you send is very important. Let the people you love know how much you value them by honoring their special day with a caterer.

Sometimes, DIYing a meal is the best choice. It can save you money, and you might want that personal touch. However, there are very real times when a caterer is an absolute lifesaver. If you need that lifeline, don’t feel the least bit of shame for taking it. If anything, your guests will feel special because of your willingness to invest in them. 

Another advantage to hiring a caterer: you’re supporting local businesses. Click here for more ways to do that. Also, did you know that many food trucks cater? Check out the Where’s the Foodtruck app to find food truck catering options near you. You can submit a request right through the app.

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