Why National Picnic Day is Perfect for Food Trucks

why national picnic day is perfect for food trucks

Why National Picnic Day is Perfect for Food Trucks

If you’re looking to take advantage of the spring warmth and everyone’s energy to get outside, National Picnic Day on April 23rd is the prime day to get in on the action. This year, it falls on a Sunday, which means that the groups wanting to celebrate will be much larger than on a weekday.

There’s something very nostalgic about a picnic that everyone loves. Especially as it starts to warm up in spring and people are able to plan a trip to the park, it can be refreshing to take the food outside and let the kids run around and get all of their energy out. And for food trucks, picnics can be heaven-sent. Not everyone likes to cook, and just bringing snacks doesn’t make a picnic. However, a food truck, located in the right spot, can make everyone’s picnic wishes come true very easily.

But how do you choose that spot? After all, there are likely to be multiple parks to choose from, and you don’t want to park at one and miss out on the large crowds. In order to avoid this, start doing your research early. Is there a city that you usually park in that is hosting a celebration for National Picnic Day? If so, you should be reaching out to see if they will allow you to set up shop at the designated park that day. If not, see if you can find somewhere nearby that will still get the foot traffic, without making the city officials upset.

If you can’t find a celebration, you still have time to create your own. Choose a park that you have visited before that has plenty of space and amenities. Then, you can start your own marketing campaign. If you’re friends with some other food truck owners, you can even bring them in on it and create a mini food truck round-up. Social media does wonders for getting the eyes you need, and you can even post it in the events section of our app!

Once you have your location and event, make sure you focus on getting the food just right. Even if most people will stay at the park for their picnic, you still want it to be portable for the people who are planning a hike or don’t have the time to stop for a picnic. Letting the theme guide you, rather than taking over is the important part.

Picnics, parks, and your neighbors… There’s no better way to make connections than through food. Here are some ways to create a sense of community in your own neighborhood!

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